Sharc Bait – Audiobook

Book 2 of the Sharc series The Aquatic Research City is finally open for business, and with the contained prehistoric Megalodon the main draw, business is booming. On the surface thousands flock to see the shark each day and Tyler Baxter, the city’s new President, wants to utilise the full potential of his father’s investment. With hundreds of millions of pounds of revenue waiting to be invested, Tyler puts the city’s safety at risk by hosting an aquatic race, the first of its kind. With the ARC security stretched to the limit and the city at maximum capacity, surely nothing can go wrong? The heroes of Sharc once again come face to face with the Megalodon and a host of predators in an intense upheaval of power, and the waters of the world’s first Aquatic City will forever be tarnished with blood.
Sharc By Paul Rudd
Narrated by Craig Beck

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