Shark Spawn – Audiobook

A space yarn, with teeth.

It’s the year 2124. Twenty years have passed since terraformers crossed the galaxy to find a new home on Centauri Prime.

One by one, the human colonies have been taken over by Earth corporations. Only the settlement of Kinship remains untouched by galactic credit.

By using the anticoagulant and antibacterial properties of shark skin tissue, Hank Cranford hopes to manufacture a vaccine that will enable long-term survival in the strange waters and atmosphere, and he hopes also to finally escape Earth’s clutches and lead his colony into a new world.

Captain Banyard, a seasoned smuggler, crosses space with a precious and unusual cargo. Enormous tanks in the hold of the Bayonet store a variety of sharks that are to be delivered to the domed habitat. When one of the Earth shark’s escapes from captivity, blood is spilled, lives are lost and a new breed of shark is spawned.

Welcome to Centauri Prime, an aquatic paradise, at least that’s what it says in the brochure!

Shark Spawn By Paul Rudd
Narrated by Brian L. Knutson

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