Sisterhood Of The Serpent

The Nagani.

As ancient as death and unspeakably scarred with the marks of Leviathan, they stalk the gates of Hell for the souls promised them by their feeder cult, the Sisterhood of the Serpent.

Bailey’s hotel and casino, Las Vegas. 1997.

Jim and Rebecca Gregory were just glad to be in the safe hands of the FBI after the botched attempt on their life by the Mexican mafia. However, that all changed when Jim found out which hotel the Bureau used as a safe house; Bailey’s, on the Las Vegas strip.

Bailey’s, where Jim’s first wife had committed suicide sixteen years before to escape the clutches of an obscure cult in Colorado.

That cult, an all-female sect who believed God and the Devil were dead and salvation lay only in the demon Leviathan, had called themselves the Sisterhood of the Serpent.

Now Jim would be confronted by a past he never knew existed, and find himself fighting for his soul, and the souls of his wife and their unborn baby.

Sisterhood Of The Serpent By
Richard Rhys Jones