The House In Wales

Daniel Kelly is orphaned by the bombing of Liverpool, losing his mother in the carnage and evacuated to Colwyn Bay in Wales. Separated from the only friend he’s made, he’s isolated in an ancient church with the Reverend Davies and his malicious housekeeper Miss Trimble.

Humiliated and trapped, Danny’s days become deplorable, while his nights are desecrated by the ghost in the closet. The spectral visitations plague him more than his mistreatment at the hands of the housekeeper. The mystery starts to unravel just as Danny leeches life saving information from the ghost.

Painted a sexual deviant with homicidal tendencies, Danny can’t run to the law for help. Framed for murder and about to become the sacrifice in the Church’s next Black Mass, Danny comes face to face with a demon, the spirit of his mother, and an abyss straight to Hell.

The House in Wales is no mere house, its occupants chose an orphan to fulfil their nefarious plans, the outcome a sordid puzzle which has everlasting consequences.

The House In Wales By Richard Rhys Jones