Wild Wild Dead

Nathaniel Wayland is tough as an old boot and smokin’ fast with his guns. As long as he can remember the west has been wild, not because of outlaws and bandits, but because a plague is turning humans into an army of undead walkers. This plague is beautiful, sexy, her skin velvet smooth and her voice even softer. Evil has a way of seducing a fool and charming the wise, this one does both. Wayland grew up an orphan, his first memory being of the attack which left him homeless and alone. Nightmares stalk his dreams, and opium and alcohol numb the pain in daylight. Mason is the mentor who took him in and taught him right, teaching him to be a ruthless killing machine with one objective, save the west from this horror. Wayland’s inner demons are loud, his lust for willing women and aged whiskey are vices he can’t control, until a band of outlaws enter his life, forcing him to man up and showdown. Hollow Creek is a massacre, valiant men fall in a final stand against the queen of the essence, and when Wayland decides to be a martyr he is delivered from evil in a way no one will expect. Compelling and dramatic, this western has intelligent zombies, corrupt lawmen, sociopaths, evil and outlaws, taking you on a gripping read of black oil, seduction, power, and dark horror. The west has never been this wild, deadly, or sexy.
Wild Wild Dead By Paul Rudd